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About us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors in Ramsey County by providing Meals on Wheels and other services that help people maintain their highest level of independence.

Who We Are

Meals on Wheels of Ramsey County is a service provided by the the Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County (Minnesota). The Consortium is a nonprofit organization composed of eight member agencies that provide Meals on Wheels and other senior services in Ramsey County. The members include four private social service agencies serving residents within the City of St. Paul and four suburban school districts that serve residents in the suburban Ramsey County area.

The member agencies of the Senior Services Consortium have been collaborating through an informal partnership for more than 40 years. Through this durable partnership, each agency has worked diligently to provide Meals on Wheels and other services within its own geographic area, while also collaborating for the overall good of the people of Ramsey County.